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Welcome to custom-flash-drives.com. We are a leading supplier of cheap custom flash drives for individuals, businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes around the world, helping enterprises to capitalize on the unique marketing capabilities of the small but powerful flash drive.

Customized flash drives have increased exponentially in popularity over the last 10 years, and with USB technology now very affordable, there is no excuse not to utilize their amazing potential for promotion and marketing. We offer custom USB flash drives to suit any purpose with a quick turnaround, with many extra customized services including custom printing, custom coloring, printed gift boxes and accessories, and a range of data services. For most of our accessories we can print business logos and other important information. It is crucial to deliver custom USB flash drives that are presented with style and vibrancy, and this can be achieved with our customized packaging options.

Achieve the level of functionality and security you demand with cheap data preloading services, data security options and icon creation. Upload important information you want the user to see with data preloading, and get it running automatically with auto run. Our drives are high quality, high speed and designed to last. If time is of the essence or you have any special requests, get in contact with us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Custom Flash drives

When we say custom flash drives, we truly mean it. Print any logo of your choice anywhere on the drive, engrave a logo for a lasting effect, choose an available color or provide us with your own color, and customize the drive further with a range of extra products and services.

Accessories & Packaging

Impress your customers and clients with customized USB accessories and packaging. Accessories such as key rings extend the lifetime of your drives, and we can customize these with logos also.

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Data Services

Custom-flash-drives.com offers data preloading, data encryption, password protection, icon creation and auto run data services for all flash drives. These data options can be made permanent, or you can give the customer the choice to turn off auto run or delete preloaded data.

Custom Shaped USB Drives

Turn any USB dream into a reality with custom-flash-drives.com. Simply send us your design specification or sketch to begin creating your 100% customized flash drives.